martes, 6 de octubre de 2009


How many times, if you're a Christian, have read or heard phrases like: "religion is for the weak-minded" or "religious are delirious" or "people who believe in God are delusional and irrational?" It seems like, more than ever, those slogans are being preached more behemently than before. There's a new wave of worldwide atheism which, more than ever before, has being strongly pushed, with more direct, harsh and often insulting and demeaning words than before, specially in the media. Names like Christopher Hitchens (who wrote "God is Not Great"), Richard Dawkins and political satirists like Bill Maher (who says he's not atheist, but strongly supports those who are) have been in the frontline of this direct assault to Christianity and religious institutions (specially the ones by Christians) and slowly, but steadily, have been gaining ground on society.Although a lot of what they say could make some sense, don't be fooled and don't be worried. This HAD to happen, in order for us to know the times we're living. In fact, the atheist movement, in reality, is as old as the Old Testament:

The fool has said in his heart, There is no God! They acted corruptly; they did hatefully in deeds; there is none doing good. (Psalms 14:1)
 The thing is that this "brand" of atheism we're seen as of late, is one of downright hatred disguised in a veil of so-called intellectuality. In fact, there are several types of atheism. In the next blogs, I'll be touching more of the subject in the eyes of a Christian who wants to share what's going on around us and many people hacen't noticed yet.

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