martes, 6 de octubre de 2009


With all said, I need to say this: I'm not a scientist, but I respect scientists and respect everything they've done to make us know more about the world we live in, and in some of the "battles" between religious people and scientists, I tend to side with the latter, simply because most religious people do not have a sound theology or understanding about The Bible. For example, the traditional interpretation of Genesis and the Creation. Earth is NOT 7,000 years old and wasn't created in 6 24-hour days (not that God couldn't have done it, of course). Whether one believes in Evolution or not, it's clear, at least for me, that Evolution and the notion of creation by God are not mutually exclusive. However, many atheists and  many religious people just ignore (for their own personal motivations) that fact and engage in a neverending battle.

The thing is that, unlike centuries ago, modern-day atheists are turning up the name-calling and smack talking against anything that is opposed to their ideas, specially coming from Christians. At least that's my experience when dealing with this subject. Just go to any video on YouTube or any forum that discuss the existence of God and you'll see lots of Net people coming up with harsh words and attacks. Some of them do it because they had bad experiences in religious scenes, some others do just because it's trendy, edgy and (for them) rebellious and some of them just can't stand to believe in anything they can't control. More on that later. In fact, they are modern-day preachers, "fire and brimstone" style, who declare that the infidels, in the absense of Hell, in their minds, should go to something more scientifically hellish, like insane asylums. I say if  atheists really believe their own hype, why don't they prosecute Christians as a threat to society because of their mental stability or lack thereof? I wouldn't be surprised if that scenario presents itself sooner than later.

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