viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

Puerto Rico At The Crossroads

This post is for anyone non-Spanish speaking friends. This mis my first one in English and won't be the last one. More than 16 thousand citizen were laid off from their jobs  in our government. All of this have causes a lot of stress and some people are turning to public disturbance and even mild acts of violence. The Governor, Luis Fortuño, is being attacked from all places, political adversaries and even political allies, and the overall consensus it appears to be that it was a huge mistake and in some circles, it was an elitist decision, you know, the proverbial "clash of classes."

For me, who knows very well about being unemployed, it's a BIG opportunity for personal growth. I know the vast majority of my people won't see that. One of our weaknesses as a country is that we have big problems facing adverse situations like this one. I will never say these layoffs were what we needed to see the light, BUT we chose a government on the premise of a "change." The motto was "es tiempo de cambiar (it's time to change)" the song Colombian music star Juanes popularized months ago. Maybe it was US who should have changed a long time ago. We complain every day about our politicians' inability and ineptitude, but then when they do what they do, we protest because they promised and didn't delivered. Well, we got what we deserved, for not being consistent enough to choose wisely.

And for those of you (here in Puerto Rico or elsewhere) who still don't get it, a voice from the past (present and future) reminded us our place:

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